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The designer market relies upon color trend forecasts to make intelligent product choices for their clients. We envision and translate future trends into tangible color marketing strategies essential to your internal product development. Ensure your reach to the designer market and grow your market share with our color forecasting services:

  • Personalized color trend collaborations, The ColorVoyant® Watch

    For the latest international trend information, follow The ColorVoyant® Watch: The new ColorVoyant® color-trend blog collaboration with notable Finnish paint manufacturer Tikkurila Oyj. Track quarterly color and trend updates with ColorVoyant’s insightful and international perspective within the vast world of design. For more information on how ColorVoyant® can offer a visionary color perspective in collaboration with your company, contact us directly.

    Close-up of the Milan Design Week: Every April, Milan opens up its creative doors to 300,000+ international design professionals, from one of the hottest venues in town to individual showrooms and exhibitions that group young creatives in interactive play and discussion. In May, the 10-month long New Finnish Design CITY project looking into urban life and its design aspects was launched in New York at the Wanted Design Fair. During New York Design Week, ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) demonstrated NYC’s artistic contribution to the world of design. Collaboration and celebration of design was palpable, especially with Finnish Design and the city’s own Brooklyn designers.

  • Annual international color trend forecast, ColorVoyant 2015TM

    Silence…thought provoking, intuitive feeling with inner strength…the white space that surrounds us. It’s the “intangible” in a world of “prove-it-to-me” perspectives. Many hear but don’t listen. The “quick and noisy” crowd our minds, demanding attention. It has been said that 93% of communication is non-verbal, verifying that silent cues are ever present. As the lines become blurred between the temporal and  physical worlds, listening becomes a rare art. We find Braille (feel) our way, defining dimensional importance. Silence… the new frontier… a Quiet Confidence.

  • Annual international color trend forecast, ColorVoyant 2014TM

    Access to information and news in one area of the world has a profound ripple effect upon the opposite side of the world. As we continue to experience rapid speed in our everyday lives, it becomes a fragile balance of preventing a short circuit and a loss of priorities. Yearning for a soul-filled existence continues to come into balance, creating new energy and inventive directions… One that resonates with us all.

  • Annual international color trend forecast, ColorVoyant 2013TM

    The overarching theme for this year’s forecast is Fusion. It surrounds us and is described by words such as coalesce, co-op, blend, junction, union, and synthesis, calling us to natural, peaceful lives. Seismic influences are essential to the creation of new perspectives that nurture a transformation… ultimately leading us to new beginnings.

  • Custom color forecasting developed for target markets, Underground Trends

    Undercurrents of activity are all around us…just scratch the surface and what emerges is notable energy that’s sometimes visible and sometimes subversive. This energy will translate into design inspiration for products and services…and into lifestyles over the next three to five years. If we dig deeper, Underground Trends will explore the “Why?” behind this energy.

  • Trend focus: Modern Primitive, Kaleidoscope, Hit The Road

  • Color trend reports created for your website
  • Trend forecasts translated into color and/or texture directions
  • International trade show reviews, analysis, and color positioning
  • Color marketing tools for the designer market